Samsung S9 rumours are coming out. While Samsung fans are expecting it, the sales of S8 keeps going up. S8 is still the best Samsung model in the market, isn’t it? Here are the answers from our real customers:

Go for S8 or Wait for S9?
“State of the art Android phone. Big step up, in size and features from my 10 year old Nokia. I've not had a locking phone before and I didn't want it to, but with one click purchases decided it was probably best to. The face unlock is very quick and Geo Smart lock which doesn't lock the phone whilst at home is very handy for me. Having lots of fun discovering what it can do. Voice control is so much better now, love being able to just say set an alarm for ... or call so and so ... and it understands even a mumbler like me!”


“This phone is just stunning, everythibg about it. I use my phone a lot for watching media and widescreen content, on this phone the widescreen support is perfect and with the resolution and screen size it makes this phone perfect for what i use.”

“I use my mobile every day for calls, text, emails and on the Web. It is a fast handset, especially compared to my old handset which makes me very happy. I would recommend this phone to my friends and family.” “Was using a Sony Z3 which had brilliant battery life. This compares and and at the same time is much faster and larger. Excellent camera too. Would recommend to anyone wanting to upgrade from any flagship older than 2 years.”

“So far a brilliant phone. Good battery life. Fast processor. Good memory and multiple methods of unlocking. Super edge display, makes the smaller phone seem as large as my last plus model. I have bought a wireless charger which is a great idea. Samsung have made a big effort to make this phone a market leader.”

More than 99% of our 500 customers are satisfied with Samsung S8. It won't be a wrong decision if you go for it.